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Medical Mondays

September 14, 2009

I am starting a series of articles on health care communications. I know that through better communications, marketing and human resource development, consumers can experience a better health care experience.

I’ve dedicated my career to health care communications starting at the Kempe Foundation which raises funds for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Then it was on to hospital communications at Exempla Healthcare. Now, I work as the Communications Manager for the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition which is the state’s home of unbiased, accurate information about vaccines to keep kids healthy..

Physicians, hospitals and all health care providers need to understand that health care is becoming more about customer service than anything else. Patients are talking with their feet and leaving practices because they are not getting the attention and respect of a paying customer. This is creating a health care information crisis of a whole generation of patients who don’t know their own medical history which, I believe, will lead to substandard care.

I hope to bridge the divide between science and consumers to find a middle ground that allows patients to feel they are being heard and physicians the authority to fully care for their patients. Both parties has to work together to fix this problem.

In these posts I’ll explore different ways that the medical field is using communications tools to interact with patients.

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