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Zombies have infected social media – #zombiecrawl

October 30, 2009

bbbrraaaiiinnssssZombies have nom omn mon-ed their way into the brains of social media. Sure we can use all the strategy in the world, but this is a good opportunity to take a step back and remember that a little fun is sometimes all we need

I recently participated in the 4th Annual Denver Zombie Crawl in downtown Denver. I had a bloody good time getting decked out in zombie regalia – I was a nurse zombie and BC was a douche-bag zombie. It was incredible to see so many adults, teenagers and children coming together to play in such a public way. It could also be a sample of public contemporary art, there were so many interpretations of what “zombie’ means.

More than that I was impressed by the minimal “brand” control with impressive results. It was organized by Daniel Newman and according to the Westword blog, Danny invested $2,000 in making the event a success. Which as an event planner is AMAZING!!! From what I’ve been able to find, here is his pre-event promotion strategy:

The event was an incredible success. Danny is claiming that he broke the world “zombie crawl” record with 4,000 participants. Now, that is a lot of people!

The real lesson here is about user-created content. It was remarkable to see the amount of photographers taking photos of the participants. It’s also been fun to see the community expand online after the event with photo and video sharing. This is truly a lesson to let your brand go. Your community with take care of your brand, just make it simple, true and honest.

It’s a reminder that making an event fun and visual only adds to your success. Whether it be a fundraiser or a product launch, being timely, sprinkling in a little good-hearted laughter and strong visuals always sells. Some of the choice traditional media coverage:

Finally, if you create a community they will be there for you in a crisis. Danny was slapped with a $1,000 fine from the Downtown Denver Partnership to clean-up after the event. According to the Westword blog as soon as Danny tweeted that he needed donations to help cover the fine, the donations came in. I hear he still looking for donations to cover the fee, please consider giving a little!


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