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Help Deserving Nonprofit Professionals Go To #10NTC!

February 4, 2010

Nonprofits are the safety net of our society helping people find food, shelter, clothing, medicine and support. Nonprofits allow artists to create without worry about their next sale or show.  Nonprofits advocate for the controversial issues that make our country diverse and dynamic. Nonprofits give people a hand up with knowledge and  inspire them to complete the circle of becoming philanthropist themselves. Nonprofits serve as a sanctuary for our injured animals, lost souls and broken dreams. Nonprofits protect our wild animals, public health and planet.

The people who make these nonprofits work are tireless, brave and generous professionals. They make life-saving programs possible on shoestring budgets. They tell the heart-warming stories of success and heart-breaking stories of hope lost. They raise funds selflessly and never have the need to be in the lime light. They can be a little wacky and a little eccentric at times, but that is what makes the nonprofit field such a joy to work in.

It is for these nonprofit professionals that I am asking you to consider making a donation to NTEN’s 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference’s Scholarship Fund. A gift of $25, or whatever amount you can give, will help make it possible for nonprofit professionals to attend the conference and allow them to bring the skills they learn there back to their communities.

NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference is a annual gathering of the best in nonprofit development, communications and IT professionals to share ideas on how to do more with less. By harnessing technology, nonprofits are able to increase its fundraising  reach, inspire others with its mission and serve more people. This conference makes our world a better place for us all, truly.

To put a face on this ask, I am one of the nonprofit professionals that needs a scholarship to attend NTEN”s 2010 NTC. The nonprofit that I am currently working for cannot effort to send me to the conference in Atlanta because of its tight budgets and slow funding year in 2009. I am paying my own way because I know that this experience will be worth the money. I will meet and learn from some of the best and brightest minds in nonprofit communications and development. I am also giving back to this community of professionals. I will be presenting at the conference on social media basics, blogging and more. I will be a better nonprofit professional for this personal sacrifice.

So, if you’ve liked what I’ve written in this blog now, or in the past… If you like my tweets… If you’ve  liked what I’ve had to say…Or if you just love to help out nonprofits… Please make a gift today. It’s a small thing you can do to enhance your community.

BTW – The wonderfully inspiring nonprofit leader extraordinaire Holly Ross, Executive Director of NTEN, liked my scholarship plea enough that she included it in her video ask for this program.  I am humbled, touched, and so damn ready to go to #10NTC!

One last thing, I’d love to embarrass myself for the joy of others, feel free to nominate me to be in the Bohemian Rhapsody vid!

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