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2nd Day of Social Christmas: Holiday Car Ads

December 14, 2010

When I asked folks on Twitter about their favorite and most hated holiday advertising campaigns car commercials came up as a quick hatred. While there are many naughty examples in this category, there is one nice campaign that saves them all.

The Naughty

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something insulting about the image of a car in the driveway with a big red bow. It says,”Honey, Merry Christmas! I just got you the gift of monthly payments for the next five years.” The excess of these ads is as American as apple pie and large credit card bills due in January.

Blatainly addressing Lexus’s luxury tactics, the Acura’s “The Season of Reason Sales Event” tries to being some sensibility into the season. It’s a nice try, humorous. Still lacking in social media commitment.

Now this one is a nice try, but they miss the target. Stop-action look is tres chic, but this ad is a tad bit boring.

The Nice

One company that took a new approach, a social approach, this year was Hyundai.

A little disclosure here, I bought a brand new Hyundai Tuscon this summer so I kinda love this brand right now. I’m obviously the target demo for this brand, they keep feeding me and I keep eating it up.

Hyundai did it right this season. The “Hyundai Holidays” series of six ads feature YouTube/Facebook band Pomplamoose. Not only does the commercials  incorporate the band’s funky, hipster music but they produced the videos just like the band’s online videos. Brilliant, honest use of a hipster trend. The commercials honor the authenticity of the band and their fans without tarnishing the quirkiness that attracted their audience in the first place. This quick cross-walk of Pomplamoose fans to Hyundai is easy and short correlation.

As far as a holiday ad, the copy (VOed by another Gen Y fave “The Dude” Jeff Bridges) explores the idea that you’ll give yourself a gift all year-round with a car purchase. Much better than the surprise debacle of Lexus.

The social success of these ads is evident in the video views on YouTube. The 100,000+ views leaves Lexus’ couple thousand views in the cold and outshines Honda. Hyundai also went as far as to brand their channel with a holiday theme, a step that wasn’t taken by Lexus or Honda.

Hyundai is extending their social reach with:

It is this smart incorporation of social trends and true demographic targeting that makes this campaign so successful. They get who they are trying to reach and are able to laser target them. It’s a smart campaign, that makes this season so merry!

Read all about the 12 Days of Social Christmas:


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