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4th Day of Social Christmas: Holiday Giving #Recipe4Hope

December 16, 2010

The holidays are a great time to give to your favorite nonprofit. It makes for a heartwarming gift to support a nonprofit in honor of a loved one.

There are also tax considerations to keep in mind. Remember that gifts to nonprofits are tax-deductible so you can benefit in 2011 when the tax man calls.

My favorite holiday giving campaign is the Recipe4Hope campaign from the Autism Science Foundation.

The campaign uses the analogy that baking holiday cookies is a lot like autism research. Both take the right ingredients to make a masterpiece.

The reality of autism often dumbfounds me. The spectrum is so wide and varied. Being autistic is a gift for some, but it can mean life-long care for others. We need to fund nonprofits like the Autism Science Foundation to find the real causes of autism and discover effective treatments.

I also worry about the parents of autistic children who are tempted by entrepreneurs and organizations that claim to cure autism. Autism is not something to be cured. It is something to be understood. The Autism Science Foundation works to do just that.

I invite you to support the Autism Science Foundation with a year-end gift or help spread the word about this campaign. There are 6 easy ways to help raise awareness on the campaign website.

Another disclosure: I helped produce this campaign, so of course it’s my favorite holiday campaign! It’s an amazing nonprofit, lead by an amazing woman, doing amazing work. Trust that your donations will be utilized in the most efficient and effective manner.

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