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8th Day of Social Christmas: Holiday TV Specials and Movies

December 23, 2010

Over here we have some favorite movies and TV shows for the holiday season. Some are new favs and others are oldies from our childhood that have become traditions of the season.

(All pics link to Amazon)

My mom and I would watch this on tape every Christmas. I’ve continued the tradition by making my lovely wife to watch the Jim Henson greatness.

If you grew up in the 80’s you saw this movie and it needs no explaination. If not TBS has a Christmas Story-a-thon on Christmas eve so you can catch up.

Same goes for National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. If you haven’t seen this in a while, fire it up. Your funny bone will thank you.

This is one of our newer traditions (even though it’s 15 years old now, uggh). Love the message and love story.

The infamous Star Wars Holiday Special came out before our time and some how we’ve never seen it. It’s quite a surprise for two nerds who are the prime target for Star Wars geekery. I’ve found it on Google Video, click on the pic to see the spectacle.

We randomly watched this a few years ago and really loved it. It’s unapologetically cheesy, cheery, and a bit unrealistic. Just what we need for the holiday season.

So, what are some of your holiday favorites? We’d love to hear some of your traditions.

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